The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we here at Chaitanya strive hard to ensure that every step you take is met with encouragement and positivity. The road to recovery is often difficult and to make it easier, Chaitanya has a variety of therapeutic activities that will complement our residents’ efforts in their journey.



Guided Meditation

We hold guided meditation sessions for our residents to allow them to explore their inner strength. These sessions are a simple yet effective method of acclimating the resident with their situation in life because we, at Chaitanya, know that the first step to solving any problem is to first accept it.

Art Therapy

We wholly believe in allowing our residents to express themselves, and what better way to accomplish this than through art. We provide our residents with all that they require to fully express themselves in our group art sessions, where every resident can explore their creative side.

Vocational Training

While at Chaitanya, the residents are encouraged to participate in vocational training to better themselves and prepare them for life outside of treatment. This training is a great way of learning new skills that may translate into future opportunities and help build the residents' sense of self-sufficiency.



In the journey to heal the body and mind, the practice of yoga the perfect choice for helping our residents find their inner peace and tranquility. With certified Yoga Masters to lead our sessions, the residents are in the very best of hands as they learn to center themselves and face the difficulties of sobriety and abstinence.

Sound Therapy

With our expert-led sound therapy sessions, the residents in our care are introduced to the healing powers of sound therapy. Every week, our residents meditate alongside cleansing sounds produced on traditional Buddhist prayer bowls that will invigorate the body and the mind. Those who have participated in these exercises claim to feel more balanced and energetic after.


Physical exercise is a significant part of any recovery process, but we are aware that not all our residents are as physically capable as they should be. To help them achieve a higher level of physical fitness, we have introductory classes of Zumba Therapy where the residents can participate safely. Zumba has been a proven method of staying fit and the perfect introductory exercise for our residents.