Chaitanya and Mental Health in Nepal

Chaitanya Institute for Mental Health first began its altruistic endeavors in psychosocial rehabilitation in Pune, India over 23 years ago and since then our efforts have expanded into six centers across the Indian subcontinent. Our commitment to helping the public has led to various collaborative efforts with communities, institutions and organizations that share our dream of a society that is tolerant and aware of mental health and its various implications.

At Chaitanya, we are committed to help our residents overcome their illness and instill in them the necessary skills to live a stable and fulfilling life. Our methods for helping those in our care are both compassionate and therapeutic, ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of our residents during and well past their stay at Chaitanya. When it comes to our residents, our experienced staff and management team leaves no avenue unexplored in our goal of helping those
who have placed their trust in us. Our objectives can be categorized in the following manner:

Providing Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services to individuals suffering from mental illness.

Offering Psychological and Social Support to the families of the mentally ill.

Promote Mental Health and create awareness about mental illness in the community.

Networking with different organizations working in the field of mental health.