Treatment Program

Every resident is unique in their own way and their treatment process reflects this. What works for one person might not work for another and so to best help our residents, we at Chaitanya have come up with both group and individualized treatment programs for those in our care. The road to recovery and a life free from the shadows of substance abuse or mental disorders is not easy to achieve but it is far from impossible and we truly believe in helping each and every resident to the best of our abilities.



Diagnosis, History Taking, Medications 

History taken from the patient and immediate family regarding the patient’s past and current issues. Provisional Diagnosis and medical management in that line. General Physical examination and conducting lab work to rule out any medical conditions. Treatment for any pre-existing medical or newly diagnosed medical conditions.

Detoxification and Withdrawal Management

Breaking the bonds of addiction requires space where a person can feel safe and be taken care of in case of emergencies. At Chaitanya, every resident who suffers from substance abuse undergoes a brief yet effective detoxification course. During this process, the staff and medical experts are on standby to ensure the resident does not suffer from severe withdrawal pains. Detoxification and withdrawal is an important part of getting clean so we emphasize on the quality we provide during this crucial period.


Individual Counseling

Some of our residents may feel they need specialized treatment and for this, we have individual sessions as needed with our qualified medical and psychiatric counselors. Here the resident can share what they feel is the cause of their illness and learn the various underlying issues that may be aggravating their conditions all in a safe space.

De-addiction Sessions

For those with a history of substance dependency, our de-addiction classes inform our recovering residents with crucial knowledge and the potential hazards of continued substance abuse. These sessions are designed to be both informative and cautionary so the residents can be fully aware of what addiction entails in its entirety.

Group Sessions

Our professionally led therapeutic group sessions allow for the residents to accept that they are not alone in their fight against addiction or mental disorders. In group sessions, the residents can express their own life-stories as well as listen to the experiences of others in order to gain the strength and perspective needed for healing.

Family Sessions

The process of recovery is a difficult one, for both the resident and their family members. By holding family sessions, we help our residents come to terms with past mistakes as well as try and solve any underlying family issues that might be a cause for the resident’s illness or behavior. Family sessions can be held once every two weeks or as discussed between the resident, the family and the consulting doctor. These family sessions are a way of developing and/or improving interpersonal relations between the resident and their family members.



Expressing oneself is key to having a stable and strong character. By allowing our residents to do exactly that in an encouraging and positive environment, we hope to explore their personalities and help them overcome any shortcomings they might feel is holding them back.

Physical Exercises

A body at peace leads to a mind that is free, and we believe in this wholeheartedly. As such, we encourage our residents to engage themselves in physical exercise on a daily basis. Be it yoga or P.T. in the morning or a round of tennis in the afternoon, our center comes equipped with all the necessary facilities for physical activities that can keep our residents active.


Celebrating birthdays is a part of the treatment process for our residents, as it helps them enjoy this special day with the staff and fellow residents, all the while reminding them of their own self worth and individuality. By the simple act of celebrating birthdays, we can encourage the empowerment of our residents. Also, birthdays act as a milestone for the residents, which helps them immensely in their road to recovery.


Team Building Activities

Oftentimes, when suffering from mental illness or substance dependency, residents can feel disassociated/isolated from society and the people around them. To help them ease back into society as a meaningful and contributing member, we encourage our residents to participate in team-building exercises so they can grow in confidence and learn how to be a member of a group.

Community Awareness Programs

Helping only yourself is not the answer, at least in the long run and for those residents who have graduated from our recovery program, it is only natural for them to want to give back to the community that helped them the most. And to do so, Chaitanya organizes community events and programs that have helped raise mental health awareness. In these gatherings and events, current residents as well as former residents who have successfully graduated the program come together to help inform the public.

Special Cultural Events

Nepal is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions and in some way, Chaitanya reflects this, our residents come from every background and to honor this diversity Chaitanya holds special cultural events throughout the year. These events are planned and hosted by current and former residents, with music and dance being performed to the enjoyment of all. These events help the residents appreciate the unique culture of Nepal as well as their fellow residents and staff members.