Substance dependence and mental health issues are widespread issues and not restricted to any group or gender. To understand the causes of these ailments and find a solution in a humane way requires the right space and conditions. So in order to meet this goal, Chaitanya has invested much time and resources to create safe accommodations where the families of our residents will feel comfortable leaving their loved ones in our capable hands.

Living Accommodations

  • Resident Rooms
  • Kitchen & Dining Area
  • Recreation Hall & Sports
  • Day Care

Resident Rooms

Our rooms are spacious, properly ventilated and well-lit and in case of outages backup power supply is available round the clock. Our residents can be housed amongst a selection of three room types varying in prices. All rooms are equipped with individual beds and wardrobes where the residents can store their personal items without any safety concerns. Toilet and bathroom facilities with a provision of 24 hours running warm and cold water are available to all.

Room Types:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Multiple-Residents

Kitchen & Dining Area

A well-equipped kitchen alongside a spacious dining area is available for catering to the nutritional and dietary needs of our residents. The sanitation of the dining area is vigilantly maintained to ensure the health of the residents at all times.


Recreation Hall & Sports

We have a fully equipped gym hall at Chaitanya for the purposes of keeping our residents healthy and upbeat. With specified times for our male and female residents regarding gym use alongside a variety of indoor and outdoor sports that are available, our residents will want for nothing in terms of staying fit and active. Our residents can choose from numerous indoor and outdoor activities like Cricket, Volleyball, Chess and Table Tennis to name but a few.


Day Care

For our residents who do not need to stay full-time at the center but still require guidance and assistance, we have a day care system where our inhouse medical professionals and guidance counselors can provide the resident with all the help they will require to make the transition back into society without any fear or apprehension. Our day care program is unique in its approach to helping our commuter patients feel included and safe in all our programs without any difference in treatment. By participating in the day care program, residents develop self-confidence as well as slowly gain the trust of their close ones.