Chaitanya welcomed me with lotus water, goldfishes in a tank, dogs wagging their tails

playfully, and rabbits leaping around. This institute aims to give us awareness,
Chaitanya. It can be from recovering from mood disorders to recovering from addiction,
Chaitanya is there to guide you every step of the way.
Here, in Chaitanya, I did yoga, Zumba, sound therapy and art therapy all for the first
time in my life. I also played a variety of sports including cricket, table tennis, volleyball
(also for the first time in my life) and badminton after a really long time. Playing Ludo
became my favorite pastime. Getting to play them was very nostalgic.
In the dining room, great foods are served by the cook with a smile. The pumpkin and
eggplant dishes she prepared soon became my favorite apart from meat delicacies. The
nurse measures our blood pressure, and checks our pulses and temperature every
morning, which helped immensely in my recovery. Getting to talk to the doctors
frequently is also a great facility.
Chaitanya aims to develop the feeling of family among its residents. I know it is far
better than other rehabs. The enclosed compound is very well planned and safe. The
camaraderie between the residents is also very endearing. As of today, Chaitanya is
better than other mental rehabs in Kathmandu.

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