Maintaing Sobriety

In the rehabilitation procegmaiss, one of the hardest challenges is often maintaining sobriety. Each individual has a different  method of abstaining from the substances that adversely affected them, and one person’s method may not necessarily be viable for another. So what can be done to help a person maintain their sobriety in the most effective and safest manner possible. Well the answer is constant vigilance.

Every day is a new set of temptations, and it only takes a single slip for a person to revert back to their behavior or personality while under the influence of opioids and alcohol. So to avoid this, we must constantly be aware of our own strengths and weaknesses especially when it comes to the substances,situations and company of people. We should avoid situations where the substance in question is present or will be present. For those recovering from opioids, they must sever their ties with their “friends” who enable addiction. As for those suffering from alcohol related issues, they must avoid events or gatherings where they may be tempted. It is important to note that the key difference between alcohol and opioid addiction is that while most if not all opioids are illegal and not easy to procure. Alcohol, on the other hand, is available everywhere and it is socially acceptable to imbibe alcoholic refreshments in festive/cultural events and social gatherings. Until an individual feels safe or confident being in a tempting environment, they should avoid it altogether.
There are exercises and routines that help with maining sobriety, both individual as well as in a group.Writing a journal or a diary and recording how you may feel on a day to day basis helps keep aware of the reality of the situation as well as allows us to self-reflect and increase our understanding of ourselves. By writing our plans for the future on paper, we make it at least in our perception more viable. They also act like goals that need to be completed and can be taken as encouragement. Having small goals which are easy to complete helps improve confidence which in turn helps maintain sobriety. Besides this, having conversations with others who are undergoing the same challenges also helps. Group discussion between those in similar circumstances helps us realize that we are not alone. And by interacting with others who are in different stages of their recovery is a great motivator for us to maintain our own individual sobriety.

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